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P272 in simple terms

P272 is a change in measurement class on your electricity meter. In most cases, you will need a new meter that can send automatic reads to your supplier every 30 minutes.

  • – By now, those affected by P272 would have been notified in writing by their supplier. However, this is a confusing subject for most and a lot of businesses will want to know how this will affect their organisations and the way they use and buy energy.
  • If you want any further advice or help with navigating P272, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will try to help in any way we can.

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MOP Contract

It means Meter-point Operator Product (MOP) it covers many things and is split into more than one element.

  • – It is built up of the Data Collection, Aggregation and Maintenance components. It also includes line rental and some other things, We are one of the most competitive MOP PROVIDER in the market we will go into more detail with you just call us.


  • By now, most of the meters have been converted to Half Hourly. However, there are a few of you out there that might be on contracts that are expiring soon and are now looking into what you need to do. If this is you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us help.

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Legislation P272

P272 regulation affects all maximum demand meters with Profile Classes 05 – 08.

  • These are the first two digits of your supply number on your bill. There is a need in the UK to have a more precise view of our energy consumption. This then allows energy suppliers to buy the right amount of power and lets the generators know how much power we need.

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