What Is KVA And Why I Have It. If that’s your question, don’t worry we’ve got it covered.

kVa Or Agreed Capacity

A kVA is a unit of measurement of electrical current and pressure, this is also referred to as an agreed capacity.

  • – If you are a new business, a recent P272 affected customer or someone who has taken new premises, or maybe you’ve just never heard of kVA’s before, then you are in the right place!

    kVA is a cost associated with how much and how quickly you can draw energy from your local substation.

    Bigger businesses need larger capacities and would, therefore, have a fairly large kVA, the opposite is true for smaller business.

    Through extensive market testing, we have found that in most instances, the kVA is set far too high.

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Why Capacity Checks Matter

If you have a half hourly meter, then this is something you need to be aware of.

  • -Half Hourly business contracts have many charges included in them that you should be aware of, capacity charges are one such charge. Have you noticed the term ‘kVA’ on your bill? Regardless of how many kVA’s you are using, your supplier will charge you for the agreed amount, for example, if only use 25 kVa pcm but your agreed capacity is 200 kVa you will have to pay for the 200 kVa.
  • As a customer, it is your responsibility to adjust the capacity to a sufficient level for your business. If a bespoke capacity is not agreed, you will remain in the previous setting and this may be incorrect for your requirements.

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What I Need To Know

In most cases the kVA allowance is set when the meter is installed based on the size of the building and the intended use of the premises.

  • We all know that businesses come and go and the person occupying the building before might not have had the same use for it as you do. If they had a greater need for capacity on the grid than you do, then the chances are, you are paying for the supply capacity they set. Here at Dernetz we contact the relevant partner and obtain the information pertaining to your capacity allowance.

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