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We have access to a panel of over 40 suppliers based here in the UK. All of which offer competitive prices when it comes to Gas.

  • Gas is one commodity that has been relatively flat from a wholesale cost point of view over the last few years.
  • However, with a national weakening of our global gas position, we are finding that our country is relying more and more on imported gas from Europe.
  • Importing comes with its own risk to price so, securing long-term contracts would seem like a wise move at the moment.

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You Need To Know

Some key points to consider when renewing your business gas contracts.

  • Firstly, your current supplier might not be giving you the best deal.
  • Some of the suppliers think of Gas as a tag on a product; others target the gas market as a primary service.
  • These are the companies that you want to work with. They tend to have better relationships with the wholesale market and better prices.
  • Secondly, keeping both gas and electric with the same supplier in most cases it is not a good idea if you want the best price.
  • ‘Duel Fuel’ discounts are pretty much non-existent in the business energy world.Lastly, be aware of volume tolerance! Most companies will contract you at a given consumption of gas. If you are not using enough or using too much, there are penalties!

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  • Some Suppliers offer what look like competitive rates on your energy contract. This is not always the case.
  • Gas at the moment is cheap. The unit rate you are paying should reflect this.
  • We will do a quick check of your energy contract to ensure you are on the best tariff. If you are, great!
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Long Term Contract Longer Is Better
  • This comes down to perception. The one year price may seem the best because of its a few tenths of a penny cheaper.
  • If you look at how much the price has moved over the last few years, you will notice that it has moved quite a bit! That is money you could have saved.
  • With access to so many suppliers, Dernetz Ltd will provide the most cost effective solution for your business gas.
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