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What it means for you?

Most businesses won’t qualify for EII exemptions. This is targeted at a very specific segment of the market.

  • If you do qualify, you could get up to 85% of your Renewable Obligation and Feed in Tariffs refunded back to you for the whole year.
  •  If you are a customer using 5 GwHrs, then this is potentially worth £107,000 as a rebate.

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Need To Know

  • In April 2017 the UK government made an amendment to the scheme, one part of this amendment was to include the cost of Contracts for Difference within the EII exemption meaning that large manufacturers would now be entitled to claim back the cost of CfD’s too.These reductions are to now be applied by the supplier which would save you as the end user a considerable amount of time. You will still need to be registered for the exemption.

Is EIIS for me?

  • Energy Intensive Industries include sectors such as the steel, chemicals, engineering and brick making industries where energy usage makes up a significant part of the production. There is a list of sectors that qualify for EIIS exemption which you can find HERE

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MOP contract

    A Meter point Operator Product (MOP) covers a lot of things and is actually split into more than one element. It is built up of the Data Collection, Aggregation and Maintenance components. It also includes line rental and some other things. We will go into more detail call us now.
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P272 legislation

    P272 regulation effects all maximum demand meters with Profile Classes 05 – 08. This is the first two digits of your supply number on your bill. There is a need in the UK to have a more precise view of our energy consumption. This then allows energy suppliers to buy the right amount of power and lets the generators know how much power we need.
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Energy Comparison

    Energy Contract renewal is something all businesses need to consider. We take the stress out of energy procurement. We have relationships with more than 40 UK energy suppliers with access to their preferred wholesale rates saving you both time and money on your business energy
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