Compare 60+ energy supplier across the UK energy market or just give us a call 0121 389 1700 Here at Dernetz; the energy price comparison site is 100% in your control. This means that you can choose from 60+ domestic energy supplier available within the UK market. It's really simple just click ‘ Find Me The Cheapest ’ fill up the form and get the savings going. .

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One aspect of our energy that we can control is how much we pay for it!

  • -Energy over the next few years is anticipated to rise steeply while the UK struggles to keep up with carbon reduction targets as well as produce enough power to keep our lights on. These things are outside of our control.
  • Nearly 5 million of you are already aware of this, which is great! Many are still paying far too much.Maybe you switch every year, maybe you’ve never changed before. Either way now is the time to get a better deal on your home energy.

We offer you a Comparison you choose the cheapest

Price & Service!

Is the reason why People Switch To Smaller Independent Suppliers.

  • -There are now a growing number of energy suppliers in the UK domestic market. Even though the Big Six still retain most of the market share, the smaller independent suppliers are closing the gap!

    Why Do People Switch To Smaller Independent Suppliers?

    There are two aspects most people consider when purchasing energy, one is more dominant than the other. They are:

    Price & Service!

    You guessed it; most people focus on the cost, that’s why you’re here right?

    Energy is energy at the end of the day. It allows us to function in this modern world. It doesn’t have a perceived quality or any value other than it is a requirement. With this in mind, Price is King.

    This is why the smaller suppliers do you well. A lot of people only really care about how much it costs, the smaller guys are cheaper, a lot cheaper.

    Service does come into play, usually when something goes wrong. The Big Six still hold the lead here but not all of them and in most cases not by much.

    Some of the smaller ones are in the top 10 for customer services.

Dernetz Works With More Then 60 Supliers

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