Voltage Optimisation a superb technology Aimed at large customers with an annual spend of over £50,000.

What Is It?

In its basic form voltage optimisation regulates the incoming energy, cleaning it up and producing a much more stable and reduced voltage.

  • – Suitable for both LV and HV sites
  • – Fixed and flexible optimisation options
  • – Stabilise and cleanse unstable energy profiles
  • – Guaranteed savings

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What I Need To Know

We offer a bespoke service from project creation to implementation, providing a client engineered solution with a guaranteed return on investment or your money back, thus eliminating any financial risk.

  • – Reduced Harmonic Distortions
  • – Improved Phase Balancing
  • – Extended Support Package
  • – Typical ROI is three years
  • – Average 10% savings on electricity consumption
  • – 100% Savings Guaranteed
  •  Increase efficiency by reducing energy waste. By reducing your incoming voltage, we can reduce energy waste and subsequently, your energy bill, Our bespoke energy packages provide tailored solutions with guaranteed savings or your money back.

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